Energy Harbors Corporation (EHC) is redefining the energy market with its innovative Energy Internet (EI) solution that enables efficient grid scale storage at a few cents a kWh and provides a path to a highly profitable renewable energy distribution. EHC is in strategic engagements with large energy and utility providers to deliver highly Renewable, Available, Inexpensive and Distributed (RAID) energy solutions.

  • Renewable energy is Intermittent with daily, seasonal & unexpected disruptions -> Efficient Large Scale Storage (weeks @ GW level) is needed
  • Current solutions for renewable energy are limited:
    • Battery 100X more expensive,
    • Pumped Hydro is expensive to construct & requires a suitable geographical location,
    • Traditional Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) too costly to build and doesn’t have the flexibility and the operating efficiency to be profitable using current technology.